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Ten 1-Minute Mental Fitness Favourites — Minderful Community Tips

Ten 1-Minute Mental Fitness Favourites — Minderful Community Tips

We’ve decided to showcase some of our favourite tips from the Minderful community


Our community-driven podcast on Spotify is a treasure trove. Not only does it bring together great mental-fitness thinkers from all over the world, it also showcases everyday wisdom from hundreds of people.

We didn’t include all of our best community tips, so if you like what you see, hop on over to Minderful Voices and go thorough our playlist and then, of course, submit your own.


Lily Blue — a personal trainer, and a life & mindset coach — shapes her day based on three pillars: excitement, gratitude, and highlights.

Why we like it: You can choose how deep you want go with this one. It’s either use it as a short bedtime exercise or a way of life.


Sara — a psychotherapist and mental fitness coach — checks in with her thoughts and surroundings before opening her eyes in the morning.

Why we like it: It’s so easy to implement! Try it for a few days and see if it makes a difference to your day.


Dori engages in at least one creative activity daily to maintain her mental fitness.

Why we like it: Aiming to do at least one creative thing every day sounds more like a reward than a chore (and that’s why it works).


Amelia Fowler — a customer service advisor — masters complicated cooking recipes to boost her mood.

Why we like it: Reframing cooking as an aspirational hobby is a great way to contribute to your mental fitness arsenal.


Dougie takes time to sit still in nature and when he does, nature comes to him.

Why we like it: This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week focused on the healing properties of nature. Dougie makes it easy to engage with it.


Adam makes sure he gets away from his desk on his lunch break.

Why we like it: The simplest habits are often the most effective ones. Use your lunch breaks for the greater good!


Jono — a fitness trainer and life coach — has a daily alarm set up to remind himself to do something joyful.

Why we like it: It’s hard to put into words why we love the ‘joy alarm’ so much, but isn’t it the best idea ever?


Annalie Howling — a performance coach — uses the basic rest-activity cycle to optimise her day and feel her best.

Why we like it: Annalie brings cognitive science into the mix, and we love this approach.


Chiara — an online business owner and influencer — uses strict rules of engagement that help her set boundaries online.

Why we like it: Setting boundaries online is one of the most challenging parts of modern life, and Chiara gives great practical tips.


Shocka — rapper, TED speaker, and mental health advocate — likes to stop and analyse how his thoughts dictate his moods throughout the day.

Why we like it: Thoughts, behaviours, and actions are all connected—this is a great way to nip bad moods in the bud.



The Minderful Voices Podcast

We hope that you enjoyed this roundup. You can find new 1-Minute Mental Fitness episodes here at Minderful Voices or submit one of your own.


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