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(Photo by George Milton)

2 min read

Ten 1-Minute Mental Fitness Favourites — Minderful Community Tips

We’ve decided to showcase some of our favourite tips from the Minderful community Our community-driven podcast on Spotify is a treasure trove. Not...

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5 min read

The Fountain of Brain Youth and Relinquishing Screen Time

Gut Microbiota Could Make Your Brain Younger

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Photo by Meo

4 min read

4 Fascinating Psychological Findings About the Mind

We like talking about new research, but sometimes it's good to look through the old treasure trove of mind facts. Just for good measure. This is a...

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(Photo by  Soroush Zargar)

3 min read

What Are Micro-hobbies and Why are They Great?

Some hobbies aren’t meant to be forever—by design. Some have dubbed the last two years as the rebirth of the hobby, which was in grave danger of...

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(Photo by Roman Odintsov)

9 min read

Our Deep Dive Into Core Emotions

We’re taking a closer look at our basic emotions and where they come from (long read). Doing things for our minds is great, but sometimes it’s nice...

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