Lara Doherty on 'Motivation Magic'

Lara Doherty, founder of The Motivation Clinic, reveals the story of why she wrote her book, ‘The Mighty Book Of Motivation Magic’.

Hulya Erdal: The Recipe for Life

Hulya Erdal, founder of The Recipe for Life, shares her mental wellness routine and her transformational coaching practices.


Lucy Wilson: Shine Strong Revolution

We caught up with Lucy Wilson, founder of Shine Strong Revolution, who shares her mission to help others through her holistic classes, which...


'Protecting My Peace' by Carla Tucker

Carla Tucker, founder of FinanZen, gets real about her personal struggles with depression and financial struggles as a mother to a newborn.


Minderful Unplugged

Since 2009, every first week in March there's been a movement gathering speed; the Global Day of Unplugging.

minderful, adjective /maɪəl/ nurturing a state of good mental fitness.

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