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How it works


How it works


At a glance

Minderful drives connection to build a culture that naturally promotes wellness and performance. Our experts tailor our programme to your organisation's needs - embedding a proven approach that uplifts your people and culture.


'When organisations don't put culture and wellness first they harm their bottom line as well as their people'


- Dr Nick Prior

Phase 1: Assess

Minderful Audit 

Our tech-optimised, human-led audit extensively assesses your organisation’s culture and wellness across five key areas —Alignment, Productivity, Connectivity, Satisfaction and Optimism— synthesising qualitative and quantitative data into a signature Minderful Score.


Phase 2: Develop & Embed

Minderful 360

A step-by-step programme for creating an intentional wellness culture through the integrated delivery of coaching, workshops, influencers, and leadership endorsement. The programme aligns individuals, teams and leaders to drive cultural change in a way which improves both wellness and performance.

Phase 3: Sustain

Ongoing support

The final phase transitions your organisation to sustaining its wellness culture with minimal external support. With the necessary tools and knowledge, your teams now steer the programme themselves, with Minderful providing regular check-ins to ensure your culture continues to thrive.


Daniel Ek
Spotify Founder

'To the 20-year-old Daniel, culture was having a ping-pong table.


To today’s 40-year-old Daniel, I realise it’s actually all about culture, almost to the point where strategy is secondary or even tertiary.'

What our clients say

Some kinds words from those who’ve experienced Minderful first-hand.


"Systems and processes have been remapped with more emphasis on culture as the key enabler for change and improvement and this is being measured against KPI’s. Overall the uplift in quality scores has been remarkable."

RA, Regional Quality Manager


"I would definitely recommend. Their product is ideal for developing an intentional culture that can actually be measured."

TO, Chair


"It has been great to return to the Trust and see behavioural changes – delivering our quality improvement objectives has been made easier through those cultural improvements."

Head of Quality Improvement
NHS Acute Hospitals Trust

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