Northamptonshire Business Exhibition 2023

Northamptonshire Business Exhibition 2023


What is Northamptonshire Business Exhibition?

The Northamptonshire Business Exhibition 2023 is an event aimed at promoting local businesses from the Northamptonshire area. The exhibition will offer businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and services to a large audience.

Attendees can also attend seminars and workshops on topics such as marketing strategy, business development, and financial management. This exhibition is a great platform for businesses to build their brand, network with other professionals and connect with potential customers, partners, and suppliers.



Minderful at NBE2023

Minderful is excited to be exhibiting at the Northamptonshire Business Exhibition!

We look forward to introducing ourselves & Minderful to the community and sitting alongside other inspiring local businesses in the Northampton area.

Our B2B(2C) business solution “Minderful for Work” supports organisations through specialist Workshops, Consultancy, and access to our award-winning App, making it easier for organisations to nourish and improve their employees’ mental health and resilience, alleviating the cost of absenteeism and presenteeism.

Our mission is to transform the health of workplace cultures and employees through a proactive approach to wellness which champions individuals and their communities.

We'll be discussing ways that we can collaboratively create positive change within your workplace and your team.
So come along and let's get talking!
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Sol Haven & Minderful 

Sol Haven is a sustainable permaculture farm with an educational and rejuvenating centre at its’ heart, helping to change lives and build community.

Driven by the founders' personal stories and a determination to ‘give back’, Sol Haven is far more than ecological farming. The Farm is a way to explore, develop and create a practical environment where permaculture can be used to improve people's mental, physical and social health, building a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

If you'd like to learn more, call Natasha or Sammuel on 01604 307783 to create your bespoke package.