Sue J. (student):  Dec. 2012

John Thaxton’s Mindful Center is a god-send for many of us seniors. For those of us now retired and out of the stimulation of the working world, his classes keep us fresh and in the know.  While most senior centers offer cards and crafts, we have classes such as World Religions, Middle Eastern Studies, language, and computer classes. We keep up with the news and popular culture in classes such as News Weekly, Cinema, and Contemporary Issues. We even have once-only talks: a classmate whose best friend, a Syrian who is a professor at the University of Damascus, came to talk with us when he visited Phoenix.   The Mindful Center also provides a “home” for many of us. We’ve met like-minded best friends here, we go out to lunch after classes, go out together for dinner or movies, and so on. Instead of lecture halls where classmates sit in desks facing forward listening to the instructor, we sit in a circle where we share opinions and get to know each other while we learn. John and his school has made retirement and senior citizenry work for me. Minderful Center greatly enriches my life.


Elisa E. (student):  Dec. 2012

Minderful  classes saved my "intellectual " life !  When Scottsdale community college eliminated its senior studies adult educational program, John quickly initiated the Minderful program where retired adults could go to learn and share their ideas.   This was a blessing to the community, and I always look forward to attending classes .  Kudo's to John.


Lynn G. (student):  Dec. 2012

I have been taking classes with Minderful for 3 & 1/2 years, and it is one of the highlights of my week.  I take two to three classes per week.  Not only do I love the classes and the info. they impart, but I love the other students in the class with whom I often have so much in common.  The teachers are reliable and well informed.  There is a vast curriculum to choose from, such as religion, film, current events, books, the Middle East and much more.  Take these classes and keep your brain sharpened and your social life active.


Jack L. (student):  Dec. 2012

As an educator for over fifty years and participant in Minderful Center since its inception, I am pleased to join the chorus of lifelong learners who think the world of the MFC program... I am currently involved in three classes: News Weekly, Constitutional Issues and Advanced Spanish... The faculty [Dr. Michael Epner, Judge Robert Myers and Professor Bob Rich] are affable, knowledgeable and encouraging; their informal, encouraging, discussion-oriented approach is just the ticket for our mature clientele... John Thaxton has done superb work in orchestrating the entire program; he wears many years of professional experience easily, complemented by a positive attitude that becomes contagious... Ad multos annos!  


Joan S. (student)  Dec. 2012

Every Wednesday morning, I look forward to attending our class in "Current Issues" offered by Minderful Center at Temple Chai in Phoenix.  We love the exchange of ideas from the various students many of whom are quite knowledgeable in particular fields.   The class gets pretty big in the winter with the may winter visitors.  We consider ourselves friends with many of the participants.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity! I so enjoy our classes that I will certainly send a “thank you” to you for sharing your wisdom with us!  I'm proud to have you be my friend.  Your Pal.


Fran M. (student): Dec. 2012

Minderful classes have offered me a wonderful opportunity to make new friendships, while at the same time providing me the opportunity to stay mentally engaged and stimulated on subjects of interest.  I have been enrolled since its inception, and strongly recommend it to anyone who desires to do more with their lives than play golf or watch television.


Allen G. (student) Dec. 2012

Minderful offers an opportunity to increase your knowledge on a wide variety of topics:  discussions of timely local, national and international news topics, history of religions both ancient and recent, constitutional law topics,  current cinema and many others.  All in groups of friendly, interesting people from varying personal and professional backgrounds. "


Ruth M. (student) Dec. 2012

Eighteen years ago, at the age of 55,  I retired as District Director of INS, for Arizona and Nevada.  Fortunately, I started taking classes and met John Thaxton.  "News Weekly" class has always been my favorite.  It keeps me up to date on local, national, and world events.  I have learned so much from other classmates.  It is a fun and educational experience.


Jack E. (Cinema Instructor):  Dec. 2012

I have been teaching film classes in the Valley since 1996 and joined the Minderful Center staff in 2010. Working for John has been a true pleasure, and the people who come to expand their knowledge and exercise their mental faculties are a joy to be with. There is much thoughtful discussion, as well as laughter and friendship. I am happy to be part of this special experience.  


Betsy G. (student):  Dec. 2012

Years ago I started looking for some stimulating classes or discussion groups.  I looked at several different adult education offerings and was dismayed to find that the majority of the classes were crafts, cards or cardio.  I then found John Thaxton's classes for senior adults through Scottsdale Community College.  His classes recognized that there are seniors who want to stay involved with the world, are well read and eager to discuss the complicated issues facing our world.  I called John to see if I could sign up for one of his classes because I did not meet the minimum age for a senior adult.  He said “yes”, and I have taken at least one class every semester since. My favorite class is “Current Events”.  The members of the class have such a wide range of experiences that someone in the class has direct experience for everything that comes up.  We are lucky to have doctors, lawyers, a judge, an accident reconstruction engineer and owners of many different businesses.  I look forward to the class every week and was very happy when John started offering classes year-round when he started Minderful Center after Scottsdale Community College canceled the adult education program.